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22 Jul

Beyonce Bootylicious  - ad
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Embrace Being Single & Enjoy Dating Again

16 Mar

So I’ve reached the point in my single life of “DatInG” ARRRRRRHHHH! Just the thought of it scares me to death! However, it’s a part of life and I’ve come to the reality that it’s not as bad as I think. Have you ever ended a serious relationship with someone and it drained you dry to the point of no revival…yea me neither. Well when you reach that point “DatInG” becomes a must do task. I’ve generated some helpful steps that will help you through the datingĀ  process after a dreadful and draining breakup.

These ten steps will help any chick or guy through the pitfalls of dating….as a psychology student I’ve tested every step to ensure its mentally and physically safe lol!

(1.) Make a list of likes and dislikes in a partner *hint: this will prevent you from hooking up with the same fools you’ve been dating*

(2.) Decide what you want in your partner from day one of dating (casual sex, casual dates, one nighter, relationship) *if you know

what you want, let your date know and this will prevent future disappointment or harassment*

(3.) Get the ex boo out your brain and think single, flirty, and sexy! *this prevents those dreadful dry convos about your ex that no

one wants to hear…build a bridge and get over it…move on and shut up about your ex PLEASE!*

(4.) Get out and about and explore new scenes… go somewhere you normally don’t go like an art show, indie film showing, poetry

night…get my flow.

(5.) Get a grip on reality and get off of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Skype..etc. *you are not going to find a man/woman on the

internet…if you do he/she is probably not compatible with you…trust me!!*

Here comes the fun part…..

(6.) Be on point…head game tight…clothes on point……get fresh to death! A man as well as a woman loves style! *if you

look good with those clothes on….your date will definitely like to see you with those clothes off*

(7.) If you have survived a few dates…and ready to get a little closer (intimate) I suggest bringing out the kinky! If you are ready

to start having sex with your partner then definitely start the kinky early…and keep it interesting! *keep em wanting more*

(8.) Go out on more solo dates than group dates…double dating and group dating can get overcrowded and confusing…it’s hard

enough keeping up with what your date is doing let along your friend and her date arguing at dinner! *your date will enjoy your

company without your entourage joining*

(9.) Don’t spill your guts to soon…keep the puzzle pieces coming…if you tell too much you might scare them away…your date doesn’t

need to know every wild college story or how you got put out the club for starting a bar fight!

(10.) MOST IMPORTANT DATING RULE….. if you’re happy being single and not looking for anything serious…date to date! Don’t

break someone’s heart by stringing them along or using them as a rebound! Go on dates here and there and enjoy your single

self….embrace your single and enjoy. When you’re truly ready to fall head over heels…your heart will tell you! Another

reminder…especially for my ladies *DO NOT I repeat DO NOT walk around being bitter and hateful because you got dumped…

guess what…we all have but move on and look forward to your future…it will get better! Trust me!*

So….there it is! My ten dating tips! If you have any love questions or concerns feel free to email me lovebugs anytime




The New Is Almost Complete

23 Feb

The new site is almost complete. Please be sure to head over to our FB page. You can also follow me on Twitter @iambella

You guys are going to LOVE the new site…we got more juicy gossip, hot fashion, and overall great entertainment coming your way.

Happy VDay Love Bugs from Domino!

13 Feb


You all know how obsessed I get with hearing your love stories!! I’m a sucker for love and I know you all will have some juicy Valentine love stories to share with I will post them for you and share your mushy or yucky story for all our viewers to see…to make you feel comfortable with sharing your stories with us….I will share one of my own…well here goes…

Soooo…we all kno I’m single now but me and the ex decided to still participate in VDay festivities…I have a history of sour VDays and made a vow to not participate…
However, the ex boo thang shocked the heck out of me Saturday at work with a pre VDay gift…I thought to myself what’s in this plastic Macys bag….I knew it would be something common…like flowers, bears, candy, blah blah blah…but it was something better!!!! A pair of Rachel Roy pumps that I’ve been looking at for a week now! I have a shoe fetish out of this world and I can go overboard spending money on pumps! So he knew I wouldn’t dare buy those pricey pumps…I showed him a picture of them a while back and he remembered! That was the most caring, touching, and hottest gift I’ve ever received from a guy….shoot an ex at that…sooo that’s my mushy Domino story…now tell me yours! Send me your stories to and were still looking for our sexy couple of the week! Have a sexy and safe Valentines Day love bugs šŸ™‚



Addressing Rumors About

9 Feb

Hey Love Bugs,

I have been receiving numerous emails, phone calls, and text messages about I was appalled by the things that were being said and heard. I, Monica Bella Banks, come to you today to let you know that isn’t going anywhere. It’s unfortunate that some other sites consider usĀ competition, but honestly I don’t take out any time of my day to think about you. I own all rights to nor have I violated any laws.

As said once before is still beingĀ maintainedĀ and currently being Glam More Fied (I made that up LOL). I will release the site when the time is right. I thank you all for your continued support and I can’t wait for you all to share this new experience with me and my team.

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