7 Questions: Dj RockSteddy

12 Jan

We all know that a party aint a party unless the music is right!  I know everyone has walked into a party and nobody was on the dance floor…..Exactly! The Dj has to know how to move the crowd.  A lot of peole dont know how important Djs are to the music industry. They break new singles in the clubs and parties, create and promote artists and mixtapes. With that said this weeks 7 Questions comes from one of Memphis’ hottest Djs.You can find Dj RockSteddy on the 1’s and 2’s at some of the livest parties in the city!

BestofBella: First things first, did you know growing up that you wanted to be a Dj? (if not when did you realize that you wanted to)

DjRockSteddy: No, actually I started Dj’n back in 07’ . I was a sophomore at the University of Memphis. I was always fascinated by music in general and wanted to be hands on with it.

BestofBella: Ok tell our readers who are some (a few) of the artists and/or other Djs that inspire you?

DjRockSteddy: Growing up I would have to say Stan Bell, Dj Howard Q, and Dj Swurve.

BestofBella: Now RockSteddy do you remember the 1st party/event you worked? ~Can you tell our readers about it?

DjRockSteddy: The first party I did was at Club Stop345 with Big Tiny and it was packed wall to wall and crunk from the jump to the end. S/O to B.Mimms and Red Shirt (I&E) for plugging me with the gig. (R.I.P) J.Taylor……he hired me for that one.

BestofBella: There are quite a few people who stick two letters in front of their name and call themselves a Dj… What sets you apart from the rest?

Dj RockSteddy: I have my own mixing style and an extensive playlist so I can go outside the box and my knowledge of music allows me to Dj adult events. So to see a kid in his early 20’s spin at a party with people twice his age is always cool because you know he’s going to bring energy to the party.

BestofBella: We can only imagine that being a Dj is a very demanding job. Is being Dj Rocksteddy your only job?

Dj Rocksteddy: To answer your question, Yes and No would be correct. By night I Dj but by day I do promotions with Hunter Promotions. I do promotions for Interscope, Capital, and Def Jam. I’m still Rock Steddy from the conference calls in the office to the clubs I Dj at by night time.

BestofBella: Wow, I see you have your hands in a few pots so where do you see yourself in 3 years…career-wise?

Dj RockSteddy: If I’m not on the radio by then, I aim to get an A&R position at a major label. I’m always getting calls from out of town with new talent and Mula Gwala Events have promoted many artist in the past year.

BestofBella: Lastly since everthing is via the internet….Where can our readers find you?

DjRockSteddy: You can check me out on www.facebook.com/RockSteddy, www.twitter.com/djrocksteddy or www.livemixtapes.com

BestofBella thanks Dj RockSteddy for a GREAT interview!!



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