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The New Is Almost Complete

23 Feb

The new site is almost complete. Please be sure to head over to our FB page. You can also follow me on Twitter @iambella

You guys are going to LOVE the new site…we got more juicy gossip, hot fashion, and overall great entertainment coming your way.


Addressing Rumors About

9 Feb

Hey Love Bugs,

I have been receiving numerous emails, phone calls, and text messages about I was appalled by the things that were being said and heard. I, Monica Bella Banks, come to you today to let you know that isn’t going anywhere. It’s unfortunate that some other sites consider us competition, but honestly I don’t take out any time of my day to think about you. I own all rights to nor have I violated any laws.

As said once before is still being maintained and currently being Glam More Fied (I made that up LOL). I will release the site when the time is right. I thank you all for your continued support and I can’t wait for you all to share this new experience with me and my team.

Follow the Team

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Trash or Treasure? Nicki Minaj Bejeweled Tights

23 Jan

As I mentioned earlier, Nicki Minaj and her crew was escorted back to their vehicle by the Buckingham Palace Police in London. As she was getting into the car, I noticed her tights. I sorta kind of like these tights.

The tight is a combination of spandex, jewels/embellishments, and lace. She paired the tights with a biker jacket and a colorful heel.

What do you think? Trash or Treasure? Check out the rest of the pics below.

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Best Hair: The Big, Bold, & Beautiful

23 Jan

As Nicki Minaj‘d the world in 2010, she also inspired the hair industry. Everybody and they momma, sister, cousin-you get the point- rocked long stresses with bangs or the bob cut. Well let us all say goodbye to 2010 hairstyles because 2011 has been here for 23 days now.

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Best Beauty: Janelle Monae’s Simple Makeup

23 Jan

Grammy Nominated artist Janelle Monae is so beautiful. This woman is so talented and humble. She has her own style and makes simple look great.

Janelle Monae performed at the Bing Bar in Park City, Utah for this years Sundance Film Festival. Pictured above you can see that Janelle wore her usual simple clothing. Her makeup is flawless. You can tell that her foundation is light weight. I love how she used her eyes and lips as the focal point. Her eyelashes looked spiked and her lips are fuchsia pink. It’s so simple, but it’s just right. And oh, I am assuming that Janelle Monae doesn’t shape her eyebrows, but they are neat.

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