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55+Chic: Red Bag with Gold Studs

3 Oct

If you haven’t noticed, fashion repeats itself. I absolutely love going into my older aunts closets. Maybe a few years back I was in St. Louis, Mo at my aunts house, whom is over the age of 55 and she gave me a garbage bag full of purses that she didn’t want anymore. I couldn’t wait to dig in. Some of the purses she had was bought way before I was born. Fashion from back in the day just soothes my soul. The bag is red and it has gold studs on the sides. Its almost like a satchel, but it’s smaller. I tried to find the brand, but the tag is no longer attached. I will probably wear it with all black and match it with this Gold Spike Bangle. Guess how much I paid for the bangle? $1.99+tax at the local mall. Unfortunately the accessories store I went to don’t have a website, but most of their accessories are $1.99 and up. You should go into your mom, grandmother, aunt, etc. closet one day and see if you can find items that’s 55+Chic.



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