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American Music Awards Coverage

21 Nov
2009 American Music Awards graphic on large screen

Image by burningkarma via Flickr

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I will be handing you the scoop from winners,performances, fashionistas and fashion-no’s…. I got it all for you tonite !!!!
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Jimmy Choo is coming to a budget near you….

7 Oct

Beginning on November 14, 2010 Jimmy Choo will be coming to a budget near you. Yes, H&M and Jimmy Choo are teaming up to bring you a mix of some good fashion. I love it. I love how you can get a taste of your favorite brand at an affordable price. The collaboration will include shoes, bag’s, and accessories-and for men too. Unfortunately, we don’t have a H&M in my city, so I guess I will have to wait until I travel to get a dose of the fashion savvy collection.

55+Chic: Red Bag with Gold Studs

3 Oct

If you haven’t noticed, fashion repeats itself. I absolutely love going into my older aunts closets. Maybe a few years back I was in St. Louis, Mo at my aunts house, whom is over the age of 55 and she gave me a garbage bag full of purses that she didn’t want anymore. I couldn’t wait to dig in. Some of the purses she had was bought way before I was born. Fashion from back in the day just soothes my soul. The bag is red and it has gold studs on the sides. Its almost like a satchel, but it’s smaller. I tried to find the brand, but the tag is no longer attached. I will probably wear it with all black and match it with this Gold Spike Bangle. Guess how much I paid for the bangle? $1.99+tax at the local mall. Unfortunately the accessories store I went to don’t have a website, but most of their accessories are $1.99 and up. You should go into your mom, grandmother, aunt, etc. closet one day and see if you can find items that’s 55+Chic.



ShopStyle Closet: Lips Ring

2 Oct

I often get my inspiration to write by looking at the things around me or how I am feeling. For some reason this Lips Ring by just spoke to me. It reminds me of myself, but with reason. Obviously it’s very fashionable and it can add some edginess to your outfit. I sometimes call it Hand Decor. Whenever I look at a nice piece of crafted jewelry, it reminds me of my life. All I sing is, “I’m on a pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shines ain’t always gonna be gold!”-Kid Cudi And then he goes on to say, “I’ll be fine once I get it!”

Courtesy of

You can purchase this item for $15 at

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