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What NOT! to buy your lady for Christmas

23 Dec

There are some weird shoe trends in this generation and a few I’m addicted to…and men can never fail when buying their lady her favorite pair of heels from her favorite designer…Ladies love their BeBe, Rachel Roy, Jessica Simpson shoes but some shoes are NOT classy at all. I’m not one to judge or throw stones but this new shoe trend should be thrown under the Fashion Bus!!!!

So this has to be the worse high heel boot ever made! The Air Jordan High Heel Boots for $150 are horrendous! They even look uncomfortable! We love to see our man in a nice pair of Jordans with a fitted cap but please don’t encourage us to wear these poor excuse of a heel. ¬†Fellas do us a favor and get us a gift card to our favorite store or a Visa gift card that way if we don’t like our gift…it’s our fault! Merry Christmas and please don’t put these under your lady’s tree!!!!




Who Made/Make These? – Two Must Have Jackets

2 Nov

I don’t know about y’all, but I do know that I love animal print clothing. I don’t care what it is. For some reason, cheetahs, zebras, tigers, etc are so fierce to me. And let me not forget….. LEOPARD! Continue reading

Who Made/Make These? – Killer Pants

1 Nov

I get so annoyed when I find the most fabulous fashion pieces and I don’t know who makes them or where I can purchase them. Despite the outspoken shirt titled ‘Don’t Forget To Fuck Off’ tee and Continue reading

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