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The New Is Almost Complete

23 Feb

The new site is almost complete. Please be sure to head over to our FB page. You can also follow me on Twitter @iambella

You guys are going to LOVE the new site…we got more juicy gossip, hot fashion, and overall great entertainment coming your way.


Happy VDay Love Bugs from Domino!

13 Feb


You all know how obsessed I get with hearing your love stories!! I’m a sucker for love and I know you all will have some juicy Valentine love stories to share with I will post them for you and share your mushy or yucky story for all our viewers to see…to make you feel comfortable with sharing your stories with us….I will share one of my own…well here goes…

Soooo…we all kno I’m single now but me and the ex decided to still participate in VDay festivities…I have a history of sour VDays and made a vow to not participate…
However, the ex boo thang shocked the heck out of me Saturday at work with a pre VDay gift…I thought to myself what’s in this plastic Macys bag….I knew it would be something common…like flowers, bears, candy, blah blah blah…but it was something better!!!! A pair of Rachel Roy pumps that I’ve been looking at for a week now! I have a shoe fetish out of this world and I can go overboard spending money on pumps! So he knew I wouldn’t dare buy those pricey pumps…I showed him a picture of them a while back and he remembered! That was the most caring, touching, and hottest gift I’ve ever received from a guy….shoot an ex at that…sooo that’s my mushy Domino story…now tell me yours! Send me your stories to and were still looking for our sexy couple of the week! Have a sexy and safe Valentines Day love bugs šŸ™‚



7 Questions Interview: Aben Richmond

26 Jan

Have you ever been in a party and wondered “who threw this party”? Well if you attend parties in Memphis this is your lucky read! This week’s feature comes from one of Memphis’ HOTTEST party promoters.Promotion is what determines the crowd and with great promotion the next party or event! This guy along with his team are setting the tone and leaving their mark on throughout Tennessee.

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Couple of The Week- Brittany and Marque

26 Jan

There are a lot of single people on a mission to find their boo-thang. For some, they are two steps ahead and have already making progression toward theirĀ fairytale fantasy. Here at, I have been on a search to find the hottest, cutest, andĀ lovableĀ couples all other the planet. When I met these two love bugs, and saw their adorable picture I knew they were my new “Couple of the Week.”

Victims: Brittney and Marque!

Case # 01/26-31/2011:

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7 Questions: Dj RockSteddy

12 Jan

We all know that a party aint a party unless the music is right!Ā  I know everyone has walked into a party and nobody was on the dance floor…..Exactly! The Dj has to know how to move the crowd.Ā  A lot of peole dont know how important Djs are to the music industry. They break new singles in the clubs and parties, create and promote artists and mixtapes. With that said this weeks 7 Questions comes from one of Memphis’ hottest Djs.You canĀ find Dj RockSteddy on the 1’s andĀ 2’s at some of the livest parties in the city!

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