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For Your Listening Pleasure: K.Michelle ~For Colored Girls~

29 Dec

As we wait  for the anticipated release of  K.Michelle’s album Pain Medicine; she releases another mixtape For Colored Girls. It’s so much I want to say about this mixtape but I don’t want to force my opinions on anybody….which means once i give you the details you must download and listen for yourself. There is something about an artist that connects with their audience, their fans that’s just plan genuine. Oh, and if you don’t believe what I say about K.Michelle just read the enclosed letter with the mixtape.

Here’s the website to download the mixtape (just follow the links)




11 Dec

For all my rap and mixtape fans….Yo Gotti dropped his new Cocaine Musik 5 today at 5:00 P.M.  You can download it on ( for FREE !!

Yall email me and let me know what you think…


7Questions Interview- Brandon Mimms

11 Nov
Have you ever seen one of your favorite music artist and said ‘He is just another person in his entourage?’ If you have then it’s about time that you kill that perception. Just because you see someone with around an artist all the time that don’t mean that they not putting in work. On today’s segment of 7Questions we have Brandon Mimms. Mimms is active in the music industry and doing more than you think and in which some wish they could do. I guess there are a lot of people on the outside looking in.
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7Questions Interview- Sounds of Marqué

10 Nov


There is no way I can deny good music, and my ears never exclude any genre. I have fell into the wonderful world of Jazz. The music is so soothing and it really touches the soul. I love it when I meet young men that inspire to be the greatest in other genres of music. It’s very rare that you come across those men, but Sounds of  Marqué made me follow the sound waves of his saxophone and introduced me to a new experience.

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BestofBella: Introduce yourself to the world. (Where are you from? What is it that you do? etc.)

SoundsofMarqué: *clears throat* Well, my name is Marqué Boyd (Sounds of Marqué being my stage name), 24-years-old, and a Memphis, TN native – born and raised. I graduated from Continue reading

7Questions Interview- Reggie P Fine

7 Nov



In the city of Memphis, there are a lot of creative people. Some people you may have never heard of and some the entire city knows. In Memphis, we don’t fall short of any industry. The industry can consist of music, acting, singing, culinary arts, graphic designers, sports, fashion etc. With the diverse industries circulating, it’s my job to make sure you know who and what these people do. During this segment of 7Questions, we will be talking to Reggie P Fine. This interview was very interesting and deep. He actually inspired me!

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