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WorldStarHipHop.com Get’s Shutdown By The FED’s

24 Jan

So the news surfacing right now is that the well-known urban video site World Star Hip Hop.com was seized and shutdown by Homeland Security. According to our spy, the popular urban site was shutdown due to Copyright Infringement. Which is very much so possible because there has been a ton of material on WSHH that I for a fact know they didn’t own rights to.

According to my timeline, a bunch of my followers are excited that WSHH is shutdown. A lot of people think that it displays provocative content. What’s even more interesting that 50 Cent took to his Twitter page to say that he shut down WSHH. Uh oh! Now 50 Cent and WSHH are going back and forth via Twitter…. The conversation got a little heated he even posted WSHH owner ‘Q’ number on the internet.

The sad thing about this is that a lot of under ground artist used World Star Hip Hop as an outlet for exposure. Hmmmm…I am sure Kat Stacks is somewhere pissed.

Check out some of the tweets via 50 Cent and World Star Hip Hop Tweets.




So I tried to log on to the site and got a “Server Not Found” message. The internet is going nuts….I give it 30 minutes before #WSHH is trending on Twitter. 5o Cent also says that two more sites might get shutdown this week. Whoa!

You Know We Will keep You Posted…….



As promised we said that we will keep you updated. 50 Cent and Q of WSHH just called into HOT 97 to speak with Angie Martinez. 50 Cent continued to stress that he shut WSHH down. Q basically came on air and said that it is just a misunderstanding. He said that WSHH is not shut down and that they are just having server issues because they *Get to much traffic*. Q also stated that him and 50 Cent just fell out about 2 years ago and this whole thing is just personal. He said that he doesn’t want to put a time frame on it, but WSHH.com should be up within 24 hours.

Well for the people that wanted the site to shut down…it looks like that WSHH isn’t going anywhere.


50 Cent Takes $8.7 Million To The Bank From His Tweets

12 Jan

The other day rapper Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson shared a couple of tweets encouraging his $3.8 million followers to become more financially smart. He said that they should invest in H&H Import. This is the same company that will be selling those new wireless headphones Sleek by 50 Cent. Jackson owns 30 million shares of the company.

He tweeted:

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For Your Listening Pleasure: DJ Rock Steddy- Time and a Half Mixtape

15 Oct

When it comes to my city I respect and support everyones hustle. Memphis own @DjRockSteddy is a well known Dj in the mid-south destined to make a presence for himself across the globe. Young, eager and motivated, Dj Rock Steddy has appeared on numerous amounts of party flyers. Maybe you heard him mixing on K97FM mixing or on duty at a Mula Gwala event getting the crowd hype alongside Reggie P Fine, whom is also featured on the mixtape. Let me introduce you to Reggie P Fine. Baby Reggie is a local Dj, promoter, and an indeed Mula Gwala Rep. Get to know him! So when @ReggiePFine sent me the link via Twitter, I had to listen and download it immediately.

The mixtape titled Over Time, “Time and a half”, features some of your favorite artist. Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Yo Gotti, Don Trip, Travis Porter, Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka and many more. I saved this sentence just for Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob, is the only female on this mixtape.

My Reviews:

I love the mixtape from the beginning  to end. Actually I am listening to it as I write this post. 90% of the mixtape features most of my favorite club bangas, so I can’t argue with that! Check it out for yourself and download it!

Download and Listen Here!

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