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Addressing Rumors About BestofBella.com

9 Feb

Hey Love Bugs,

I have been receiving numerous emails, phone calls, and text messages about BestofBella.com. I was appalled by the things that were being said and heard. I, Monica Bella Banks, come to you today to let you know that BestofBella.com isn’t going anywhere. It’s unfortunate that some other sites consider us competition, but honestly I don’t take out any time of my day to think about you. I own all rights to BestofBella.com nor have I violated any laws.

As said once before BestofBella.com is still being maintained and currently being Glam More Fied (I made that up LOL). I will release the site when the time is right. I thank you all for your continued support and I can’t wait for you all to share this new experience with me and my team.

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Promotions/Advertising Opportunity! (Must Read)

23 Dec

What do you have going on for yourself?

Are you trying to get yourself/product out there?

Maybe you have a product, music, or offering a service. You want to be heard and seen. Internet marketing is very popular right now. You have the opportunity to connect with thousands and millions of people. Start now by promoting/advertising yourself/product. Don’t wait on the economy to improve itself, get ahead and Continue reading

Best Looks: Beyoncé’s Fierce Makeup At Tom Ford Fashion Show

3 Dec

FYI: I zoomed in just a little bit. Original Pic Below.

The ‘Bey’ always sting us with her beauty. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter attended a very exclusive fashion show for Tom Ford. Even though, there were no cameras allowed at the event, I am glad someone finally released these photos. She so fierce. The makeup is flawless. Dark smokey eyes and her cheek bones are contoured to perfection. Those lashes make her eyes say meow. I love a makeup artist that brings out the structure in your face. That golden fitted sequined dress is BELLAFUL! Oh and don’t let me forget the Lion King hair. Get em Bey!

Get a closer look!

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7Questions Interview: Project Pat

2 Dec


I am sure that we can all agree that the Dirty-South don’t get as much respect as we should in Hip-Hop. Well, if you are a fan of real southern hip-hop then I am sure you listen to Project Pat. In 2001, Project Pat’s, ‘Mista Don’t Play: Everythang’s Workin’, was a platinum selling solo album. From clubs to radio and to the charts, Project Pat is continuing the musical and cultural movement. We caught up with the Hypnotize Minds veteran very briefly, and he gave us a his answers to our 7 Questions!

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New Video: Don Trip ‘Good Morning’

8 Nov

Cheahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ‘Don Trip voice’

Some of you may have never heard of the Memphis native Don Trip until he made his debut feature on World Star Hip Hop. The video ‘Letter to my son’ got millions of views. Talk about making one hell of an appearance. Now he is linked up with Cool & Dre to produce more greater music. I met Don Trip on the set of No Soda’s ‘U ain’t who u say you is’ video. He is a really cool humble person. There is no denying that he has the skills to succeed in the industry. When I listen to his music, I can tell that he stays true to himself.

Check out the video below: Continue reading

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