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Trash or Treasure? Nicki Minaj Bejeweled Tights

23 Jan

As I mentioned earlier, Nicki Minaj and her crew was escorted back to their vehicle by the Buckingham Palace Police in London. As she was getting into the car, I noticed her tights. I sorta kind of like these tights.

The tight is a combination of spandex, jewels/embellishments, and lace. She paired the tights with a biker jacket and a colorful heel.

What do you think? Trash or Treasure? Check out the rest of the pics below.

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Kate Moss Covers Love Magazine With Transgender Model Lea T

22 Jan

Smokey eyes-dark clothes-and androgyny chic, Kate Moss sizzles along side of transgender model Lea T on the cover of LOVE magazine.

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Chris Brown| Big Sean| Swizz Beatz| & Tyga Talks Fashion & Style

18 Jan

In my opinion fashion has taken a toll in the music industry dramatically. I remember when the guys in hip hop wouldn’t even wear a button up shirt. With new designers blossoming everyday, celebrities seem to can’t get enough of the hottest styles that are out.

Check out the video after the jump!

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Out And About- Lauren Conrad Looking Her Best!

14 Jan

Just in case you have been wondering what your favorite ‘Hills star been up to, wait no more because I’ve done my research. A makeup-less Lauren Conrad was spotted arriving in LA  few days ago chatting on her cell. LC was looking really cute. I previously reported months ago about her new reality show that’s coming to MTV. *screams with excite* According to the LC we know, she is living up to her show name ‘Fiercely Fashionable.’

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Keri Hilson Gets Thrown Under The Fashion Bus

23 Dec

Miss Keri Baby had an album release party to celebrate her new album “No Boys Allowed” at Greenhouse in NYC. Dj Clue was on the ones and twos rocking the crowd all night.

Don’t get me wrong because I love me some Keri Hilson. I am a loyal and faithful fan. But, what is up with this blouse. Why are there pockets on her titays? It looks as if she has a diaper on them, she has no support at all. Anywho, the hair and make-up was on point. Go Keri! Eventhough, we had to throw you under the fashion bus this time.

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