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Best Hair: The Big, Bold, & Beautiful

23 Jan

As Nicki Minaj‘d the world in 2010, she also inspired the hair industry. Everybody and they momma, sister, cousin-you get the point- rocked long stresses with bangs or the bob cut. Well let us all say goodbye to 2010 hairstyles because 2011 has been here for 23 days now.

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On The Scene: Nicki Minaj In London

23 Jan

It has been a crazy past couple of days for the HB Nicki Minaj. Minaj and her crew flew into London this week to do a show at Studio Valbonne Club and her interview with Tim Westwood. Her fans in London has been spazzing out. Yes, they camped out at her hotel with the paparazzi lol.

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Best Looks: Beyoncé’s Fierce Makeup At Tom Ford Fashion Show

3 Dec

FYI: I zoomed in just a little bit. Original Pic Below.

The ‘Bey’ always sting us with her beauty. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter attended a very exclusive fashion show for Tom Ford. Even though, there were no cameras allowed at the event, I am glad someone finally released these photos. She so fierce. The makeup is flawless. Dark smokey eyes and her cheek bones are contoured to perfection. Those lashes make her eyes say meow. I love a makeup artist that brings out the structure in your face. That golden fitted sequined dress is BELLAFUL! Oh and don’t let me forget the Lion King hair. Get em Bey!

Get a closer look!

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Willow Smith Has Style (Photoshoot Pic Inside)

19 Nov


via FB



Other than having the most awesome parents, brothers, and music career, Willow Smith is known for her style! Ms. Whip My Hair has never had a problem spazzing up the shutter bugs (Paparazzi) wherever she goes. Willow released a photo via her Twitter and Facebook informing the world that she was at a photoshoot. All I can say is look at the gorgeous Continue reading

Heidi Klum Is One Hot Mamma! Literally…

1 Nov

I think every woman goal is to get that body back right after having a baby. Well Heidi Klum seem to have never faced ‘baby weight’ problems after Continue reading

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