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Best Hair: The Big, Bold, & Beautiful

23 Jan

As Nicki Minaj‘d the world in 2010, she also inspired the hair industry. Everybody and they momma, sister, cousin-you get the point- rocked long stresses with bangs or the bob cut. Well let us all say goodbye to 2010 hairstyles because 2011 has been here for 23 days now.

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Trash or Treasure? Cage Knee High Wedge Boots

12 Jan

My little love bugs I have been lurking the fabulous pages of fashion shoe sites.  I ran across these Go Max Guista 10 Taupe Cage Knee High Boots. These shoes are made for the legs. I can most definitely see Rihanna in a pair of these. I would probably wear these with high-waisted shorts, with a loose top. Or you could pair these with a cute dress, but don’t go over board with the accessories.

In my opinion I am going to put these in the Treasure Box. What do you think?

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New Music Video: Chipmunk featuring Chris Brown ‘Champion’

30 Dec

I can honestly say that I don’t know who Chipmunk is, but him and Chris Brown dropped a video the other day.Yes, I can admit that I am out of the loop. lol

I did a little research and he is a British rapper. I thought I heard an accent! Anyway, the song is titled ‘Champion.’ You probably saw Chris Brown tweeting about it. And did Chris Breezy spit a hot 16? hmmm.

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Celebrity Feud: Chris Brown Puts Raz B In His Place!

29 Dec

On todays episode of Celebrity Feud, we have our contestants Chris Brown and Raz B of former group B2k. While Chris Brown was out enjoying his day ice skating, there was some madness going on between the @ mentions on Twitter. Apparently, Raz B has been lusting over Rihanna because he has been tweeting her like crazy.

Raz B took it upon himself to send Chris Brown a tweet and I quote:

“Im just sittin here Thinking how can ni**as like @ebenet & @ChrisBrown disrespect women as Intelligent as @HalleBerry11@Rihanna

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Chris Brown Complete’s His 52 Week Domestic Violence Course

23 Dec

It has been almost two years since the 2009 Chris Brown and Rihanna incident. As we all know, the two singers had an altercation with each other. Since then, both Chris Brown and Rihanna has put it behind them. They have even began to date other people and dropped albums. Well now that we have all of that non-sense behind us, let’s move on to happier news. Continue reading

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