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WorldStarHipHop.com Get’s Shutdown By The FED’s

24 Jan

So the news surfacing right now is that the well-known urban video site World Star Hip Hop.com was seized and shutdown by Homeland Security. According to our spy, the popular urban site was shutdown due to Copyright Infringement. Which is very much so possible because there has been a ton of material on WSHH that I for a fact know they didn’t own rights to.

According to my timeline, a bunch of my followers are excited that WSHH is shutdown. A lot of people think that it displays provocative content. What’s even more interesting that 50 Cent took to his Twitter page to say that he shut down WSHH. Uh oh! Now 50 Cent and WSHH are going back and forth via Twitter…. The conversation got a little heated he even posted WSHH owner ‘Q’ number on the internet.

The sad thing about this is that a lot of under ground artist used World Star Hip Hop as an outlet for exposure. Hmmmm…I am sure Kat Stacks is somewhere pissed.

Check out some of the tweets via 50 Cent and World Star Hip Hop Tweets.




So I tried to log on to the site and got a “Server Not Found” message. The internet is going nuts….I give it 30 minutes before #WSHH is trending on Twitter. 5o Cent also says that two more sites might get shutdown this week. Whoa!

You Know We Will keep You Posted…….



As promised we said that we will keep you updated. 50 Cent and Q of WSHH just called into HOT 97 to speak with Angie Martinez. 50 Cent continued to stress that he shut WSHH down. Q basically came on air and said that it is just a misunderstanding. He said that WSHH is not shut down and that they are just having server issues because they *Get to much traffic*. Q also stated that him and 50 Cent just fell out about 2 years ago and this whole thing is just personal. He said that he doesn’t want to put a time frame on it, but WSHH.com should be up within 24 hours.

Well for the people that wanted the site to shut down…it looks like that WSHH isn’t going anywhere.


[Confirmed] Facebook Will NOT End On March 15!

10 Jan

As a blogger, it is my duty to dig deep into the media especially when my readers are concerned. Facebook will NOT be shutting down on March 15. As I reported the other I came across an article that stated that Facebook will be no more.

You can read the other post by clicking here.

It turns out that Weekly World News is a tragic tabloid, which obviously was only about getting hits. With Facebook being Google’s top search hit in 2010, I can assure you that they made some money-getting all those hits by publishing a fake article.

Facebook responded:

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Is Toni Braxton Desperate for Mula???

6 Jan

Again a celebrity has taken to Twitter to expose their business. This time it’s R&B singer Toni Braxton. On yesterday via her Twitter account Braxton hinted at taking Playboy magazine up on their offer for a cover and spread deal this year. Now we all recall Toni Braxton is in debt of about $50 million dollars..this second time around.
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Did Jazmine Sullivan Throw In The MIC?????

3 Jan

My best friend and I were just talking about how everyone slept on this chic’s 1st album well…….Apparently Jazmine Sullivan is not enjoying the music business at this press time. She just as other celebrities took her concerns and thoughts to TWITTER.  So it looks to me that Miss Sullivan needs some “me” time! Lets just hope this is not true…..I SOOOOO Love Jazmine Sullivan

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Willy Monfret How Do You See ‘Right Thru Me?’

10 Nov

I know darn well that I am not the only female that has asked the question, Who is that guy in Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Right Thru Me’ video?’ Ladies say and think no more because you know I had to get the scoop. His name is Willy Monfret aka Dj M.W. **Note** On his Twitter it says his name is Monfret Willy. Hunks shoulders up and says release a got damn wikipedia lol.

Monfret is a  28 year old French model from Paris with dreams of making it in the fashion and entertainment industry. He has graced many magazines and runways. Monfret also states via his Myspace that he is a Dj. Oh and ladies he Continue reading

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