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Trash or Treasure? Nicki Minaj Bejeweled Tights

23 Jan

As I mentioned earlier, Nicki Minaj and her crew was escorted back to their vehicle by the Buckingham Palace Police in London. As she was getting into the car, I noticed her tights. I sorta kind of like these tights.

The tight is a combination of spandex, jewels/embellishments, and lace. She paired the tights with a biker jacket and a colorful heel.

What do you think? Trash or Treasure? Check out the rest of the pics below.

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Chris Brown| Big Sean| Swizz Beatz| & Tyga Talks Fashion & Style

18 Jan

In my opinion fashion has taken a toll in the music industry dramatically. I remember when the guys in hip hop wouldn’t even wear a button up shirt. With new designers blossoming everyday, celebrities seem to can’t get enough of the hottest styles that are out.

Check out the video after the jump!

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Jimmy Choo is coming to a budget near you….

7 Oct

Beginning on November 14, 2010 Jimmy Choo will be coming to a budget near you. Yes, H&M and Jimmy Choo are teaming up to bring you a mix of some good fashion. I love it. I love how you can get a taste of your favorite brand at an affordable price. The collaboration will include shoes, bag’s, and accessories-and for men too. Unfortunately, we don’t have a H&M in my city, so I guess I will have to wait until I travel to get a dose of the fashion savvy collection.

55+Chic: Red Bag with Gold Studs

3 Oct

If you haven’t noticed, fashion repeats itself. I absolutely love going into my older aunts closets. Maybe a few years back I was in St. Louis, Mo at my aunts house, whom is over the age of 55 and she gave me a garbage bag full of purses that she didn’t want anymore. I couldn’t wait to dig in. Some of the purses she had was bought way before I was born. Fashion from back in the day just soothes my soul. The bag is red and it has gold studs on the sides. Its almost like a satchel, but it’s smaller. I tried to find the brand, but the tag is no longer attached. I will probably wear it with all black and match it with this Gold Spike Bangle. Guess how much I paid for the bangle? $1.99+tax at the local mall. Unfortunately the accessories store I went to don’t have a website, but most of their accessories are $1.99 and up. You should go into your mom, grandmother, aunt, etc. closet one day and see if you can find items that’s 55+Chic.



ShopStyle Closet: Polo Ralph Lauren for Men

1 Oct

Fellas it takes more than just a fitted cap and some fresh sneakers to get a womans’ attention. You need to learn to clean it up a bit. Wear a cardigan, some slacks, some drivers, a collar shirt, etc. But clean clothes alone is not enough. You need to have the right attitude to go right alone with your clothes. When I look at a man, I look at what he is wearing. I believe that I can see the level of a man’s confidence by the way he dresses himself. I pulled a couple of Polo Ralph Lauren pieces from my ShopStyle Closet to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

Courtesy of ShopStyle.com

Courtesy of ShopStyle.com

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