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Addressing Rumors About BestofBella.com

9 Feb

Hey Love Bugs,

I have been receiving numerous emails, phone calls, and text messages about BestofBella.com. I was appalled by the things that were being said and heard. I, Monica Bella Banks, come to you today to let you know that BestofBella.com isn’t going anywhere. It’s unfortunate that some other sites consider us competition, but honestly I don’t take out any time of my day to think about you. I own all rights to BestofBella.com nor have I violated any laws.

As said once before BestofBella.com is still being maintained and currently being Glam More Fied (I made that up LOL). I will release the site when the time is right. I thank you all for your continued support and I can’t wait for you all to share this new experience with me and my team.

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Join The BestofBella.com #Facebook Page

30 Jan

The official BestofBella.com FB page has been created. We would like for you to come join us.

Oh you know you LIKE us! \_(“,)_/

In the upcoming months, we will be giving away Gift Cards to your favorite places & we will be giving away prizes. Go join us now & share our page with your FB friends.

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