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7 Questions Interview: Aben Richmond

26 Jan

Have you ever been in a party and wondered “who threw this party”? Well if you attend parties in Memphis this is your lucky read! This week’s feature comes from one of Memphis’ HOTTEST party promoters.Promotion is what determines the crowd and with great promotion the next party or event! This guy along with his team are setting the tone and leaving their mark on throughout Tennessee.

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7 Questions: Dj RockSteddy

12 Jan

We all know that a party aint a party unless the music is right!  I know everyone has walked into a party and nobody was on the dance floor…..Exactly! The Dj has to know how to move the crowd.  A lot of peole dont know how important Djs are to the music industry. They break new singles in the clubs and parties, create and promote artists and mixtapes. With that said this weeks 7 Questions comes from one of Memphis’ hottest Djs.You can find Dj RockSteddy on the 1’s and 2’s at some of the livest parties in the city!

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7 Questions Interview: Kirby Maurier

31 Dec

Since our blog is beyond the local limitations; we want to introduce our readers to all great talent across the globe. Our next destination stops in Miami, Florida. I did what I do best and Googled her.Although she is new to the game  she has/had her hands on a few projects.  This young lady has an incredible voice ~I am listening as I pull this post together….it is something calming about her voice.~ When you love music and its a true passion of yours its obvious to others…it’s very evident that she has a true passion for what she does. Without further or due  we introduce to you Kirby Maurier!

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7 Questions Interview: Former America’s Best Dance Crew Contestant ‘Sherita Bratcher’ of Southern Movement

3 Dec




Have you ever had a favorite person/group on a reality show and you said to yourself, “I wonder what _____ been up too?” after the show has went off? Well I took it upon my duty to do a little research. Looks like we are two stepping and dougie’n here at the head quarters. We have stepped into the performing arts department of dance. Such a rhythmic art, I had to find someone who could possibly teach me how to bust a move one day. With dance being an art with so many styles, I got inspired. We caught up with Sherita “PrimaDonna” Bratcher and asked her to share her experience and skills with us.

We asked her 7 Questions and here are her answers:

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7Questions Interview: Project Pat

2 Dec


I am sure that we can all agree that the Dirty-South don’t get as much respect as we should in Hip-Hop. Well, if you are a fan of real southern hip-hop then I am sure you listen to Project Pat. In 2001, Project Pat’s, ‘Mista Don’t Play: Everythang’s Workin’, was a platinum selling solo album. From clubs to radio and to the charts, Project Pat is continuing the musical and cultural movement. We caught up with the Hypnotize Minds veteran very briefly, and he gave us a his answers to our 7 Questions!

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